Demand generation is usually a holistic approach that connects sale and marketing together. The major aim is to build awareness and interest on the company’s product and services. It is usually based on size and complexity of sale of the product. Their approach is usually on search engine optimization, search engine advertisement, seminars, free trials and many more.

This is not a recent concept yet somehow people fear indulging in it. It is a very important strategy and every marketing campaign or strategy that is designed and executed is focused on generating measurable returns to the clients. It has its own advantage such as it influences many decision makers at the same time, it also helps to avoid ‘down prioritization’ and also having a high viability during long sales.

The main challenges in generating lead to B2B is:

Lack of access: it is usually a hassle to get multiple stakeholder in an organization

Wrong message: marketing effort content is supposed to be clear and concise, but normally it does not bring about the right interest.

Frequency: it is either so frequent or not frequent which may lead to unsubscribing.

It is very important to structure your marketing efforts around demand generation: here are main considerations when you think about B2B demand generation:



Pay attention to what your audience want. Listen, always listen. To always engage your audience you need to know them well. Always attract them toward because if you don’t they will intentionally or unintentionally ignore you.


This goes for everyone, you need to plan. If you don’t plan is like a contract to fail the only it is not clear is how it will take you to fall down. Plan for the day to day basis probably a whole year plan. This way you will be able to be on schedule and try to catch up if you have delayed.


Remember this, the only thing that does not change is change. It is good to keep up with the change. For instance if you in fashion, it is good to know your audience tend to change their taste and liking as days go by. For you to still be the company they rely on, you need to change as they change.


You always have goals and is very appropriate to check whether you have achieved it. A goal should be time based. If not achieved you should go back to the books and look at what is not making you achieve your goal and work on it.


There are many way to make your prospects to identify with the product, hence need to always think about it. Be creative, think outside the box you caved yourself in, because the innovation is an added advantage to your business.

Think of how to use less input and generate more output, this way you are an innovative thinker.

Business is what you decided to be and the decision you take should be adding more viable returns!